All music and lyrics by Audrey

*eccept for Bianco (lyrics by Audrey , music by Audrey and Francesco Grammatico)

 Senza dormire (lyrics by Audrey from the original song Sleepless by Julian Rango)

 Rendez-Vous (lyrics by Audrey and Benoit Chapel , music by Audrey)

 Will comeback (lyrics by Audrey , music by Audrey and FranKie Mancuso)

 Flydende bruden (lyrics by Audrey , music by Franco Turra)

All vocals arranged by Audrey

All chorus by Audrey

*eccept for Mr Geek (Audrey and Benedetta Lattanzi)

 Soloaudio (lyrical session by Cinzia Chiarini)

Computer sounds inspiration : Audrey and Francesco Grammatico

All arrangement by Francesco Grammatico

*eccept for Vile Maschio and Ancestral tuning (Audrey) ,  Will comeback (FranKie Mancuso) and Flydende bruden (Franco Turra)

Strings arrangement for Soloaudio by Francesco Grammatico

Recorded , mixed and mastered by Francesco Grammatico to (Italy)

*eccept for Flydende bruden recorded at Nice Sound Studio (France)

Cover art from drawing by Benoit Chapel

Produced by Audrey and Xq28

Italian edition : TRB Rec di Andrea Tognassi

© 2018 by AUDREY.