Adriano Campanile (1986), also named Audrey, was artistically born at the beginning of the year 2000 as a cabaret drag queen in one of the most famous gay-friendly places of Rome, the club Alibi. He works under the direction of Giuseppe Garofano untill 2010, when he decides to give a U-turn to his career.


After one year of silence, in 2012, Audrey comes back with a new bleached and colourful look, proposing his first single, a song inspired from the cartoons of the '80s: Le avventure di Super Audrey, done in collaboration with FranKie Mancuso. The song is also the theme of the homonymous sitcom (watchable for free on the web).


A year later he releases his second single Sorrido with FranKie Mancuso; Damiano Sergio Massario, leader of Acoustic Shiver, as the second voice and chorus of the ballad cover of the italian songwriter Marina Rei.

In 2013, the album Nuda Tour is released with five unreleased songs and an instrumental version of the single Nuda, followed by a tour all over Italy from April to September.

The same year he was on stage with the play "Hanno trovato Baby Jane," written and directed by Alessandro Sena.


When the single Buonanotte papà (duet with Luca Madonna) is released in 2014, the next tour Nuda Club Tour starts. On this occasion Audrey will sing not only his songs but also covers from a larger repertory.

On 17th May 2014, Audrey is in concert in Taranto (Italy) again for the Settimana contro l’Omofobia (Week against Homophobia).

A month later, the artist sings for the Puglia Pride, followed by the single Nuda.


On 7th April 2015, Audrey's new single Bjöllurnar introduces the second album En Attendant – The KiKi’s Experimental Album,
re-published in October on cd under the trademark Xq28.


In 2015, Audrey also writes texts for Luca Madonna’s second album Stato di default.

In 2016 he takes part in the 19th Festival Voci d'Oro (Montecatini Terme - IT) with the song Senza dormire (Sleepless), taken from a novel composition of the Mexican composer Julian Rango.
The song will also be available from August 5 on all digital stores and broadcast on over 50 television stations in the world.

The same year he began a collaboration with Radio Godot, an Italian webradio, holding a program dedicated to independent music in the world.

In March 2017, with the independent label TRB Rec, he released the album AUDIOPHILIA.
The project, considerable a concept album, is for Audrey a stylistic turning point.
Although reviving the typical electropop themes and atmospheres of the first works, the album also explores new sonorities and writing techniques, allowing also interpretive and vocal virtuosity evaded until now by hymself.

The same year he start a tour with European dates where the artist will re-play the songs of his repertoire.

Some dates will be listened in streaming thanks to Radio Godot and Essere WebRadio, webradio partner of the events.

On December 25, the collection Origin is released exclusively on Spotify, containing also the song Non é più tempo d'eroi, written by Audrey for Luca Madonna.

In December 2018 Audrey publishes his first live album, AUDIOHILIA LIVE.

In 2019 the collaboration with Radio Godot continues, and during the radio show ROCK NIGHT SHOW he starts a new program called Music Hunter, always dedicated to the indipendent music in the world, and in November with le indipendent label Alpha Records publishes a new instrumental single, Cælesti.

Both projects will be presented no longer under the pseudonym of Audrey, but under the name of Adriano Campanile.

© 2018 by AUDREY.